We specialize in 

Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Special Single Drawn

Black, Grey, Brown, Light Brown, Light Grey

6" to 32"

Natural Black, Natural Grey, Black, Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Light Grey, White

Single Drawn hair is hackled and trimmed on one side. All the hair is in one direction, i.e. all the roots will be at one end of the processed bundle. This high quality process allows for a very small percentage of hair to be outside the specified length of the bundle.
This processing keeps the hair from tangling after it is bleached or dyed. This is very popular in Europe with the high quality hair extension who prefer this type of processing for their products.
This hair is collected from Temples (particularly ladies hair).
Size: From 8" to 40" of Length

Double Drawn hair is hackled and trimmed on both sides and it will have uniform sizes. This can be prepared from Temple cut hair, which is remy, or from comb waste, which is collected in villages and in houses. This hair is used for manufacturing of Wigs, Hair Pieces, and Men's Toupees etc.
Size: From 8" to 26" of Length

A very high Quality hair - Specially processed from the Remy Single Drawn. This hair is trimmed on both ends, having the Heads and the Tails unmixed.
Size: From 8" to 26" of Length

Indian Human Hair is naturally available in Straight as well as Curly. 

This is used for the manufacturing of EL - Cystine, which is used in the Pharmaceuticals Industry. This type of hair is collected from Barber Shops and saloons. 
Size: This hair is below 3" of Length

  This type of hair is collected from Temples, tonsured hair from men. This hair is used for Suit Lining.

We cater to the complete requirement of our customers who are widely involved in manufacturing.

  • Wigs
  • Men's Toupees
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Pieces
  • Hair Weavings and for several other products spread over continents.

Apart from the above, we are also very popular in supplying large quantities like 500 Mt. of Barber Cutting and Similar Short hair less than 4" in length called Thukku used in the manufacture of Amino Acid, L - Cystine, which is used in the Pharmaceuticals Industry and also for Shampoo Manufacturing.  


Remy -Single Drawn Process

(Comprising, Collecting, Exchanging, Opening)

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Non Remy - Double Drawn Process

(Comprising, Cleaning, Heating, Sorting, Packaging)

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